FAQ because I'm sick of the questions

Q:How come DGF Rarely makes comics?
A:[DGF]: because I'm busy with Sonic Rush explosion and also my own life. (also I'm on my holidays, so I'm being a bit lazy right now)

Q:Is DGF even alive?
A:[DGF]: I made this page, didn't I?

Q:Can I join?
A:[DGF]: it depends, are you going to make comics? is there to many people in KH:O? (at the moment, I'm not taking to many people)

Q:I applied but I'm not in, why?
A:[DGF]: read the answer to "How come that person got in but not me?" and also addition to that answer, other people in this comic manage applications, meaning they can say yes or no if they like.

Q:Why don't most of the other authors update?
A:[Wolf]: we're all very very lazy authors I Mean busy yer that's it...
A:[Mr Aids]: Yeah, we authors have lives that don't revolve on making comics. In other words, we're lazy.

Q:how do i maek t3h l33t comics lolkthn!!1!1one!
A:[.:Animetal:.]: Get a design program, like paint or whatever!

Q:Hey Gavan, what's with the Alice thing?
A:[HD]: Well the Alice thing... What Alice thing? Shut up... GO AWAY!

A:[HD]: No. So stop trying to use our comic to get more readers for yours.
A:[DGF]: LYK YA MIND GOING AWAY YA NOOB! seriously, stop advertising! just update your own comic alot!

Q:How come that person got in but not me?
A:[DGF]: because you didn't really "beg" to get in (as stupid as it sounds, this is the only way I know if your not going to join then do absolutely nothing, because the people that do "beg", I can see that they really are going to make comics for KH:O) or your spriting is, well, plain old noobish (I don't so much care about effects, I mean the REALLY basic stuff and at least the knowledge of recolouring)

Q:how come I got kicked out?
A:[DGF]: because you ether abused the fact that your in KH:O or your abusing other authors, there could also be other reasons, but until somebody really does get kicked, these are the main reasons
A:[Mr Aids]: Or if you really suck at making comics, that's another strike against you.

Q: I don't know what to do for my sprites, someone plz help meh!!!
A:[Megagamefreak]: Whether you're a KHO member or not, I can give suggestions on the physical design of a character, but I will NEVER outright do your sprites for you, mostly because I have my own projects, and my school is a b****, so I rarely get time to myself. I WILL, however, take care of mugshots for you, if any.

Q:Is there a real KH online game
A:[DGF]: no, and there is no news of a online version of KH whatsoever, do some research if your that much wanting to know

Q:Who organise the Author Applications?
A:[S.O.B] That'd be me.Lady's,I'm free.

Q: (question) (person)
A: Rakshata: Not really a question but asking one person for something, or asking an off toipc question like another comic, please just PM the question, do not post it on a comic.

Q: Why don't you delete some of the authors so that more can come in?
A: Darklove:Because we don't know who's actually coming back and who's just plain gone. Also because we're lazy so lay off.

Q: do you have to run a solo quest by DGF or another mod if Your going to be the only one doing it?
A: Darklove:err.. yeah you have to. You can't just pull a plot out of nowhere, you have to have permission.

Q: Who are the mods, and what do they do?
A: [Mr Aids] : There's DGF, who basically runs the whole comic, and approves plots, there's Ghost, who...uh...does something, SOB, who mainly manages author applications and keeps authors in check, MGF, who...I don't know what he does either, and finally me, who mainly keeps authors in check with SOB, and manages the profiles page...but there isn't a lot of managing to do.
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