Class system works as follows
Key Blade Warrior
Knight (warriors that don’t use key blades)

After you have chosen your class, you then you select a second class(any of the above)and when you get to level 45,you can upgrade to the next tier of either your secondary or your primary(which then becomes your main class) and at level 90+ you upgrade to a epic class

Key blade Wielder(basic):Key blade Warrior(mid Level) :Key blade Champion(epic)
Rouge(basic):Ninja(any color)(midlevel):Shadow Warrior(epic)
Mage(basic):Arch mage(midlevel):Grand Mage Of Disney(epic)
Healer(Basic):Cleric(midlevel):Divine Champion(Like a paladin)(Epic)
Knight(Basic):Crusader(Mid leveled):Kingmaker(Epic)

Rouge- Dual Wields, is fast and uses acrobatics(can do minor illusions)
Ninja- Either Dual wields or uses Knight weapons(but not as well as a knight), moves extremely Fast.Can use medium illusions.
Shadow Warrior- A Warrior who is the fastest in the game and can use most weapons.Can use advanced illusions.

Mage-Uses basic magic and can summon weak monsters
Arch Mage-summons better monster, uses more powerful magic and can create portals
Demi-God-Uses The best magic can summon the best monster (such as bahumat) and can create plains and stations of calling

Healer-Healers can use basic healing and buffer spells
Cleric- Can use the powers of their gods to summon the gods elementals well s more advance healing and Buffing
Divine Champion-Can Become the avatar of their god once a day, use the best Healing and Buffing and can use Excalibur

Knight-Warrior who use swords instead of keybaldes. Strong and with good damage resistance.
Paladin-tougher and stronger, can use bigger swords and can use some of the healing/buffing skills of the cleric.
King Maker-Toughest, Strongest character in KH.They can wield Excalibur, the god sword and can use half of the divine champions powers.

Keyblade Wielder-Warriors that are a jack-of-all-trades, a master of none. Uses a Keyblade.Can drive but not for very long.
Keyblade Warrior-Can chose to excel in one area, but then isn’t as good as its opposite(Example: He can be strong but he can’t be fast). Can use stronger key blades and can drive for longer periods of time.
Keyblade Champion-Can use the strongest of keyblades, can drive for the longest period of time and can use strong magic. The most well rounded character in KH: O

Gunner-a mix between a mage and a rouge,to make a dual wielding user of science.Can use guns(revolver is the max tech) and explosive(i mean little explosives).Uses little to none armour.
Gun slinger-Uses guns to more effectivness.They can get headshot every 2 in 20 shots.They can also use bigger explosives.
Alchemist-Focuses more on science,using bigger explosives. He/she can still use a gun,but not as well.He can also build simple robots.

Then(depending on what your midlevel choice was)

Airship Pilot-Focuses more on weapons,getting a head shot every 10 in 20.They can pilot airships and transport between worlds quicker.(requires gunslinger)
Explosive tech-Focuses on science.Can use BIG explosives and build mechs and more advanced robots.(requires Alchemist)

Hero Classes
If a player does not upgrade their class at level 45, when they reach level 65 they can choose to upgrade to a hero class, as long as the conditions for that class have been reached.

Beast Master: Fights with an animal compantion to pull of more physical combo attacks. Conditions: At least 1 drive form. At least 1 mount. Strong bond with a pet.

Necromancer: Can reanimate fallen enemies to use in both attack and defence. Conditions: At least 1 summon. Died at least once. Strong connection to darkness.

Others can be added if you think of them, but nothing stupid or overpowered.

When you die there are a few penaltys. First when your data is erased, you can either hope someone will revive your data from the memory banks, or create a new character. Second is when you just die but your data remains, you lose 10 levels, but your leveling speed increeses until your back at your level before you died.

Any player can form a guild,each guild needs an eblem and a leader.Guilds act like a clan or a private army.Guilds can do what they want,declare wars or make peace.Whatever.

Current Guilds

Hacker Hunters
Mr Aids, Wolflan, Fear, Ryashaa, MGF/Zaaku
Leader: Mr Aids

Org Online
Leader: No one knows(actually i don`t know,so could some one tell me?)

Leader: Un known(again,can some one tell me?)

[1]Captain/founder: Zaaku (MGF)
[2]Second-in-command: Rakshata
[3]General (max 3 members): Ben Hart, an Unknown character soon to appear
[3]Jury (max 7 members): Scarlet Oxio, Gamerguy 101 (EJ),
[4]Marine :Janelle
[4]Scoper :
[5]Soldier :
[5]Spy :
[6]Scout :


Hey, this is Mr Aids (with help from SOB) and I have decided to create this page to answer HD's request and to resolve the issue of godmodding once and for all. If you have any opinions, don't hesitate to send them to me via a PM.

Definition of Godmodding
Godmodding is when your character displays an enermous amount of power that is not capable of someone of that level. For example, a level 4 killing a horde of Heartless in one attack, or killing a level 64 player with one stab with a sword. Godmodding is not on, and is punishable by the admins. Godmodding is often confused with Limit Breaks.

Definition of Limit Breaks
Limit Breaks are moves performed by a single or several players that shows astounding power, BUT ONLY IN MOMENTS OF PERIL. They cannot be performed whenever a character wishes. They can only be performed when a character is at 10% or lower health, but a team/party Limit Break can be performed if only one person is on low HP. The whole team/party does not have to be on low HP.

Mechanics of Limit Breaks
Every Heartless on KH:O has a level. This level determines who will win battles, and power of their attacks. In the Limit Break situation, if it is only one person, their power is doubled, but for one attack. If it is a multiple limit break, all the levels are added, and this determines the power of the limit break. For example, with Wolf at level 65 and Aids at level 95, their combined power would be at 160.

Levels of Heartless
This is used to determine if you are able to defeat a certain Heartless, and how many you can take out with a Limit Break.
( Note,this is only when it has to get Technical. For example, you wouldn't use this as a level 90 taking out 5 shadows, it's obvious. But say a new guy,lvl 20 ,wants to take on a even amount, it has to be worked out like this)

Simply deduct the level of each Heartless being attacked from your overall power.
Shadow : 0.5
Soldier : 1
Large Body : 2
Red Nocturne, Blue Rhapsody, Yellow Opera, Green Requiem : 0.5
Powerwild : 3
Bouncywild : 3
Fat Bandit : 4
Search Ghost : 3
Gargoyle : 3
Defender : 7
Wizard : 6
Black Fungus : 10
Crescendo : 3
Guard Armor : 20
Air Pirate : 5
Dark Ball : 5
White Mushroom : 1
Bandit : 5
Screwdriver : 5
Neo Shadow : 5
Creeper Plant : 3
Tornado Step : 4
Air Soldier : 4
Barrel Spider : 5
Parasite Cage : 30
Trickster : 30
Aquatank : 5
Darkside : 50

Written By SOB and Mr Aids
(If any one vandilises this,i`ll hunt you down and stabbity stab you.Kapeesh?)
(And Mr Aids will splash rum on your face and then set your face on fire >=D)

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