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Character Name: Mr Aids


Weapons:Halberd, Guns, Sword

History: Mr Aids entered the world of Kingdom Hearts : Online in search of a deadly sprite, but was transformed into data and therefore stuck in Kingdom Hearts : Online. Ever since then he has been performing tasks for his organisation to be awarded freedom. His main quest is to destroy hackers, and is almost always accompanied by Wolf. Mr Aids introduced rum to Smack Jeeves with the help of Ghost The Echinda and Wolflan Darkwolf.

Character Name: Team Windcaller (left to right: Scarlet, Rakshata, Ben)

Class: (left to right) Gunner, Keyblade user, Sound heartless

Weapons: (left to right) Duel guns, Black Keyblade, none

Rakshata: Rakshata hardly remembers a past, he just knows the heartless, the nobodys, and the light. But, he does remember a island, Kerata Nal, and its location, but not what happend to it.
Scarlet: Scarlet prefers to not talk about her past.
Ben: Ben was once a humanoid like Rakshata, until his home land was attacked by heartless, he was struck in the back by a solider, but the heartless was destroyed by a unknown being before his heart left his body, but the transformation took effect, giving him the look of a heartless, but his power, the power to control sound, remains his. Ben also has a few other abilitys, but for some reason can't remember what they are.

Character name: Zaaku

Class: Redmage

Weapons: Diamondhead (a gunblade with a 70% chance of a critical hit, and can be enchanted with magical power)

History: Zaaku is a 14-year old boy who joined KH:O because he played and loved the GBA release KH: Chain of Memories. When he found out about the game's existance, he joined, uploading his own KH fancharacter to use in the game. He used to have the ability to control anything by saying the Japanese word for it as a result of such, but no longer holds this ability because his regular magic made them obsolete. Plus, to many people thought he was "godmodding".


Character Name: Wolf

Class:Gun slinger

Weapons:Gun-cross, Sword

History:Wolf entered the world of Kingdom Hearts : Online in search of a new place to stay, shortly after arriving Wolf met mr aids, the two quickly became friends and that it was Mr Aids who introduced rum into his life and he's getting drunk with him since. Wolf has no real quest or goal to complete but is helping mr aids in wiping out the hackers. Through his travels Wolf has made friends with Rag,Ryashaa,Degreenfreak and Faer,he hold all he's friends in high regard as the greatest players in all of KH:O,but holds Faer in high respect and has over time formed an awesome friendship will most of the people he has met. He is almost always accompanied by Mr Aids.He is also aware than his spelling and grammer sucks...

Character Name: DeGreenFreak

Class: Warrior of Light

side: THE Admin (Hero)

Weapons: keyblade of darkness, Green light saber, Speed lock (mystic power that defeated hunsen)

History: DGF has always been here, from start to end, he also owns weapons of the evil, but thats because they are usually more powerful. even though he has evil weapons, they do not control him. alot of members on KH:O are his friends, besides eat me death. he has destroyed the virus, killed off most the hackers, and going to fight in the war for KH:O. if your evil, prepare yourself!


Character Name:Janelle

Class: Mage/Demon

Weapons: Syringe, Teleporting

History:Janelle started in KH:O a little while ago. She had one objective even though she forgot time to time. She has horrible sense of direction, but her ability to teleport randomly just makes it worse. She hates people who impersonate Michael Jackson and destroys anyone that does. She has no friends because she is attached to the dark side. Oh yeah She's emo.


Character Name:Faer,Red Ninja Faer and Fear

Class:Rouge,Red Ninja,Black Ninja

Weapons:Dual red keyblades,a Big ass sword,two gunblades

History:Possibly the most awesome person to grace the internet ever. Faer has done much in his time with Kingdom Hearts : Online,from fight armies of Heartless in the Hundred Acre Wood to as fighting a rather awesome duel with Mavander.He made many friends like Mr Aids,Wolflan and Raganarocker and has a fierce rivalry with Zaaku. Tragically Faer died by Soul Eater's blade to save his friends,even managing to slice SE in half,but it was for naught. After SE killed Faer,his data was supossed to be deleted. But there was a glitch,and the data was reconfigured as a new Avatar,Fear. Since then,Fear has been a total bad ass killing traitors and saving Newbs. But soon his time will come,because he cannot outrun death for ever.


Character Name:EMD



History:he is disliked by alot of people, (obviously if some other coward who won't own up to forever changing this stupid profile just to make him look bad) but he owns a army (unsure if there are many in it) and has power (perhaps to much) also, to the coward not owning up, I saved this text so don't even waste your time...


Character Name:Animetal

Class:Azure Gunner-Fighter

Weapons:Just acquired Big ass Gun, his fists and a cool attitude.

History:Animetal came into KH:O as a paria, lost and weak. He trained hard to get where he is today. Animetal met on his journeys a man named Alberio. who, oddly enough, tried to kill him. After one helluva fight, Alberio decided best not to kill him, and after a few beers, told him his story. Animetal was moved by it and told him he would help him in exchange for sparing him, and since, Animetal has been his friend and partner in crime. He has many friend in KH:O, they know who they are, so no need of mention. Good to those who treat him right, destructive to those who seek out nothing but trouble with him.

E.J. thumbnail

Character Name:E.J.

Class:Keyblade Warrior (light warrior)

Weapons:Too many to name. Main weapons: Soul Shredder (Dual Staff Keyblades), Redwing (Keyblade)

History:E.J. came to KH:O alonside the original warriors of light; Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey for a mysterious quest. He can be brash, hotheaded, and quick to action, often getting him in way over his head. His commitment to his friends and combat skills are his key points. Having many friends, and many more enemies, E.J. has his work cut out for him. But when the chips are down, E.J. is known for pulling an ace out of his sleeve. Only time will tell what he will do next..


Character Name: Scythe

Class:Speed Ninja(Sort of)

Weapons:Large Blade(Knight's Bane)

History:Scythe started life on an island, in the game, thought not an npc, or an AI, he doesn't understand his existance, for he has memories of the real world as well. Configured of special binary coding, he was at first able to use a datastream of sorts, allowing him to travel to faraway places quickly, he decided to, and forgot, give up using it when it malfunctioned and he came upon Vixin, Rag, and Shayara in Halloween town. At one point, known as recreation, probably the one time he's been important...not known to many of the new users. At the moment, has messed up data and is in Halloween form.


Name: Ragnarocker (Soul Eater)

Class: Dark knight

weapons: Soul Edge (Soulless)

History: once nothing but a Happy go lucky User looking to fight heartless and get all the glory he could have but one day he found a rare Item which was wanted by some thugish user that soon lead to his first death. After that he wondered Hell until he met Shayara who unlocked a steam of data locked in Rags heart which when unleashed became the black feind Soul Eater a heartless of almost limitless dark power but still tied to Rag it was unable to fight at its fullest. Til it was deleted. Rag then went into a time of peace doing quest and simply LvLing but soon on the wake of the first Hacker War Soul Eater was revied and remade so he was no longer bound by Admin rule he was now a free moving monster and later made himself know among all the heartless by making his own army and crushing all that showed sign of rebelion. Rag on the other hand made a packt to destroy Soul Eater and began a crusade to find him they met mutiple times with fights always ending to soon between them. It was when Rag lost Shayara (who he had grow to love over the time they sept together)that He started a slow disent into darkness giving him power but also making him realise that the darkness he fights is and will become him. Will he give in and become like Soul eater or will he surpress the darkness and look to the light only time can tell


Name: the legendary spell caster (unknown)

Class: legend

weapons: magic, other weapons are unknown

History: the only thing known about him/her is that he/she sealed the 3rd warrior, maybe he/she isn't dead by old age? maybe someone we know on kh:O is related? we will only hope to know more about this legendary being in future...


Name: The 3rd warrior

Class: Super warrior of Fear and darkness

weapons: Himself, Heartless, Darkness, Shadows, KeyBlade of satan

History: the incredible threat 500 years ago who nearly destroyed the entire universe in the palm of his hand had been imprisoned in emerald for 500 years. since then, he has finally been released... who knows what he'll do now...

He might even destroy KH:O...

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