Because I noticed we never made a rules page. And as the rule enforcer/punisher, I felt this was needed. If anyone has any suggestions for new or changing rules, I'm all ears. I believe everyone has a fair say, after all. -Megagamefreak

JOINING (written by DGF)
-You must have some sort of accessible evidence that you CAN make good comics so we can see you are a worthy enouth spriter
-If there is someone who wants to join, or if an author in KH:O wants someone else to join, we will make a news post and discuss if he/she should join or not
-Even if you don't like them, show respect to them.
-Know your fellow authors' characters: Don't make other characters do what doesn't seem like them. You must also make sure your characters' personalities are clear so this doesn't happen by accident.
-You may only bring other authors into your plots with thier permission, or if they join willingly.
-No modifying other people's sprites then posting them on the characters page. You may use modded sprites short-term for comic effect.

-All plots, single-handed or colaberative must be approved by the head admin, DGF. Period.
-You may not merge your plot with another author's without thier consent.
-If you begin a plot, you will be expected to finish it.
-Anyone who joins a collaborative plot has the right to bail out at any time.

A limit break is a very powerful attack usable by one person at 10% or lower HP, and can only be used once per battle. A limit break may NOT be used in PvP battles. Unison attacks are attacks executable by two or more people. They can not be as powerful as limits, but can be used in PvP battles. Unisons drain the MP of all users and one drive bar of the person who signals for use. The minimal amount of MP needed per user is 30% Godmodding is any overpowered attack that does not fit either criteria. It will not be tolerated. Period.

-I (MGF) personally have no control of what Ragnarocker does, but if you are inactive for a certain amount of time without a good reason, you are subject to suspension or ban at his hands.
-This is supposed to be a PG-13 or "T-rated" comic. Try not to go overboard with language, blood, etc. No drug use or nudity. Period. I'm serious, I don't think any MMORPG has drugs or the option to strip >_>.
-If you really want to pick a fight with someone, I will judge a fight.
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